How to design your Wedding Menu

Food, one of life’s greatest pleasure, and a delicious way for you and your fiancé to enjoy your Los Cabos wedding planning! As a destination wedding planner in Cabo for the past decade, and a food lover I must admit, let me give you my top five tips on how to plan, design and choose your wedding menu!

1.-       Seasonal. Fruits, veggies or produce, they all taste the better when on season. If you plan your menu based on that not only you will be getting the best prices and richest flavors, but you will be supporting the local farmer’s market and vendors. Talk to you Caterer and design a menu considering what is freshly available around your wedding date.


2.-   Preferences. I understand that it could be nearly impossible to fit all of your guest’s preferences into one single menu. That is why a fun combination of surf and turf (lobster and steak) or giving them a choice of fish vs poultry (not recommended on bigger parties) are a couple of options that will successfully accommodate your guest’s preferences.

3.-      Food allergies and restrictions. A few years ago I was having a lactose intolerance health problem (all gone now!) and remember how difficult it was for me to enjoy my friend’s weddings and celebrations as many of their menus included lactose produce; I specifically recall when a friend was considerate enough to ask me and planed an alternate option for me. It made my day as I didn’t feel left behind and enjoyed her dinner from beginning to end. That same gratitude feeling is something your guests will have and will complement their experience in Cabo!

4.-       Attendees. Who is coming to your wedding? Are there any children coming? As a parent it takes a lift off my shoulders when I don’t have to worry what to give to my child, plus, it shows you put extra thought and consideration in your menu planning.

5.-       Buffet VS Plated Dinner. This is probably one of the most important decisions to make; a buffet or serving stations means guests interacting, waiving their options as what to choose for dinner and yes, it can give your wedding feel a great reason to stand out. On another note, a plated dinner is definitely a more elegant affair and permits everyone on their table to interact and talk. You can even do a combination with a Family-Style option where appetizers can be placed in the center of the table and they are passed around to your friend’s desire.


No matter which option you and your fiancé choose, it is important that you plan it with your Caterer and discuss all your questions so you are fully satisfied. A tasting early on the planning process is highly recommended as it gives you an opportunity to visualize the dinner… and who knows, maybe you can even get extra creative and plan an amenity to go with it and extra surprise your guests!

Hoping you found my tips informative, I want to know what you think. What are your biggest wedding planning questions? Is there a specific topic you’d like me to cover? Send me an email and I will gladly do it!

Thank you Julieta Amezcua for your amazing pictures for this blog! see more about Julieta here!



Top 5 Mexican desserts you should have at your destination wedding!

Nothing tops a fabulous dinner like an equally amazing dessert! And you know what could be even better? Dancing the night away while munching on sweets. Well, that is my point of view… and one that many people seem to agree too.

There are many ways you can make your Cabo destination wedding unforgettable, and that includes treating them to something sweet they were not expecting. Here are five of the most delicious Mexican desserts that will please everyone:

1.       Churros. Crunchy and warm, sweet and filling, churros are the epitome of a traditional Mexican dessert. Made out of a few simple ingredients and dusted with cinnamon and sugar, these bites of sweet heaven can be accompanied by chocolate, cajeta (another typical treat) or even marmalade. Best served warm.

2.       Flan. Similar to Crème brûlée, it features hints of caramel and vanilla notes. One bite and everyone is hooked wanting more!

3.       Pastel de Tres Leches. Super moist and popular, this cake is everything but a sickly sweet dessert. A fine combination of regular, evaporated and condensed milk transform this Mexican treat into a tradition everyone should try.

4.       Mexican cookies. An assorted selection of fine pastries includes polvorones, cinnamon, orange, lemon and chocolate cookies, all with different flavors but making it not a cute option but a rather convenient way for your guest to only have one easy and crispy bite.

5.       Arroz con leche. A dreamy concoction of rice, milk, vanilla and cinnamon blend to perfection offering a pleasing ending that immediately transports you to the heart of a Mexican cocina.

Think about all the fun ways you can present any of those five desserts: individually served, on a cute take-away box, as “late-night-munchies”, to accompany the wedding cake or to be placed on a really elegant dessert station where all your guests can go and choose the ones they like the most.

I mean it when I say it, planning your wedding is a fun and undoubtedly mouth-watering affair! So many ideas can transform a regular evening into an unforgettable memory; just remember, sometimes it is the little details that leave you with the utmost joyful feeling…