Five reasons why you should have a destination Wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Congratulations! You just got engaged to your best friend! I remember the feeling when my now husband popped the question and even though I imagined how it would be, there are no words to describe the joy you feel. After the first days have passed and the idea of planning a wedding begins to settle in, you are weighting your options. Or probably you have your vision super clear and know exactly what you want. Nonetheless, let me present you 5 different reasons why a Cabo destination wedding could be your best fit.

1.       An exotic affair. Los Cabos , Mexico… a culture apart, yet, only a couple of hours from you. If you are tired of the same old options near you, if you would like to treat your guests to a sensory-pleasing adventure, you will find your destination wedding to be exactly that.


2.       Location. City born and raised? A beach wedding getaway sounds luring, even for your grandma who does not like leaving the house. Los Cabos prides with a location offer rivaling no one:  breathtaking residences over the Pacific Ocean cliff, the lush greenery of a golf course as you walk down the aisle, a traditional Mexican church full of history and character, or the opportunity to say your vows with crashing waves on your background. With so many options to choose from, there is always something that fits your dreams.


3.       Budget friendly. Yes, you read it right, budget friendly. Be it a beach wedding, or indoors, at a restaurant or by a golf course, your wedding can be as intimate, intricate or costly as you want it. Your wedding coordinator is a key element: she will present you different options and will look for that particular request you need.  Trust her, you’ll be pleasantly satisfied by her expertise.


4.       Quality vendors. If you think we are in a secluded location in Mexico with plenty of options, facilities and services, you are right. From photographers and DJ’s, lighting options, floral artists, decoration and catering opportunities, your wedding coordinator will be able to guide you and help you book the right vendor. Yet, given the accessibility of Cabo and daily flights to mainland Mexico, US & Canada, your vendor of choice can also come from anywhere else and compliment your day in ways only you imagined.


5.       Memories to last a lifetime. Ask your friends and family which is the wedding they remember the most. Was it the one at the salon down where they live, or is it the one they traveled to and have a picture framed at their living room? A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to create memories, to share intimate moments by the pool with your cousins from across the country, to invite two different families come together for a sunset cruise and introduce them all to the richness of Mexican culture.

I can go on and on but I will let you be the judge. Visit my website, see the images from past clients and picture yourself there. Dreamy? Yes. Possible? Indeed. That’s why I’m here for.

Adriana Dupinet