How to choose a Destination Wedding Planner

How to choose a Destination Wedding Planner?

Big day has arrived. Guests are taking their seats admiring the beautiful wedding venue setting you chose. Music plays, everyone rises and the groom’s heart skips a bit as you make your way down the aisle. Your smile says it all, congratulations!

As everything goes as planned, you look to your side and wink to the one that helped you put it all together:  your Wedding Planner, the one that understood you from the beginning with your quirky questions and placed your ideas into actions, followed up with your last minute emails and was one step ahead all the time, all of this to turn your dreams into reality. But, how do you choose your partner in crime? Believe it or not, much of it is your gut and how you feel towards the answers she gives you.  

Most likely, you begin your search online... "destination planners in los cabos... best wedding planners, cabo weddings" and finally,  you find a couple of wedding planners and read their profile. My suggestion is to look for photos, testimonials of their past work. It is OK to be visual and interview the one whose images are appealing to you.

Make first contact, try to set up a time for a phone call/meeting and wait for an answer. Was it fast? Was her answer courteous? When you met her, how did she feel like? Never underestimate your gut feeling, it never lies!

Do not be afraid to ask questions about logistic, wedding vendors, availability, accommodations, music choices, recommendations, prices, wedding venues, etc. Would she be touring wedding locations with you? Would she help you with the wedding menu selection? Does she work alone? Who is on her team? It is OK to be blunt with your doubts, but courtesy will be greatly appreciated. Talk to her about your ideas and hear what she has to say.

I cannot stress enough the fact that trust is vital for this relation to work. Do not bomb her with endless emails and may I suggest you to try to stick to the deadlines she presents? There is a timeline that needs to be followed to get the results you so deserve.

And… yes, I have to talk about this. We all have that one aunt, cousin, sister or dear friend that wants to be there with you… dare I say in control? Yes, her opinion matters and yes, her view point will be considered, but as your wedding planner, I will be listening to you, what you dream of and will proceed to do what is best for your Dream Wedding in Cabo.

Coordinating a Wedding or Event should be effortlessly, a fun and exciting adventure for you and your fiancé, an opportunity to bring friends and family together. I’ve made my life job to do it.

My name is Adriana Dupinet and I’m all ready to begin planning with you, feel free to contact me for a free consulting at and visit my website