Jewish, Catholic, Non denominational or any other ceremonies honoring love are commonly done in Los Cabos. Along with these, many brides and groom want to have a legal document as a witness of their marriage, and some of the questions I often get are: Is it possible to have a legal ceremony? How does it work?

A legal wedding ceremony in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Caboo area,  is performed by a local Judge and his service can seamlessly integrate as part of the ceremony you choose to have. This is how it usually goes: Judge arrives early and is placed by the altar or wedding chuppah. When time is right, Judge steps in and performs a 15 minute formal procedure in Spanish (simultaneous translation is possible), you are asked to sign a certificate and stamp your thumb print (which makes a really cool picture-perfect moment) and pronounces you married. Judge steps aside and your ceremony continues as you planed. And there you have it, you are now legally married in Cabo!

As you see, this is a really easy process! These are the basic requirement elements for your legal wedding in Los Cabos:

·         Legal Wedding form. This is provided by the Judge.

·         Witnesses. Bride and groom each present two witnesses, their names will be included in the certificate. We will also need a legible copy of their photo ID.

·         Blood test. A certified laboratory can do the test and it has to be done no more than 72 hrs prior the wedding. If you prefer so, it can be done at your hotel room, it takes less than 10 minutes!

·         Migratory forms. Judge will ask your migratory permit to come as a tourist into the country.

·         Keep in mind that all this information is private and never shared with anyone else.

·         Fee payment.

All this can be made in the weeks prior to your arrival to Cabo and I, as your wedding coordinator, will help you set it up and go thru the paperwork and procedure that needs to be done. Or if you prefer it, you can have your Mexican legal wedding on another day and make it a more intimate celebration!

I’ll be more than happy to answer this and any other questions regarding legal wedding requirements for your special day! do not hesitate to contact me to adriana@aboutlovecabo.com