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When it comes to lighting a Destination Wedding

When it comes to lighting a Destination Wedding

We´ve all hear that planning your Cabo wedding implies meetings with several wedding designers and top wedding planning companies to coordinate from the music to the flowers, from the catering service to the photography… but one thing that should never be overlooked is definitely the lighting of your destination wedding – you’d be surprised as how a simple wedding venue can become the background for the most exceptional destination wedding!

You’ve put so much effort in finding the right Cabo wedding venue, designing the colors, flowers and decorations that will create your dream wedding during daytime. So, when night falls, it is important that all the details you so cared for are still visible and noticeable to all.

Though tiki torches and votives are ideal for intimate dinners or beach parties, they cannot be considered as your main source of lighting, rather an effect adding up to the whole event. Correct lightning will inspire you to go from an intimate dinner to party mode in no time. Soft accents here and there will play with the mood and make the party last longer. Top wedding planning companies invest as much time and effort in setting up the perfect lighting during all stages of your Cabo Wedding with the sole purpose of creating an intimate space everyone feels welcome.

The best destination wedding venues in Cabo offer all kind of amenities and facilities so your dreams and needs for lighting are met. Remember, I will present you with options from top wedding vendors so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

The only question is, are you ready to start planning your Cabo destination wedding? I am!  

Choosing the right DJ for your Cabo Wedding

There is no other way around it, music is the life and soul of your party. That’s why as your wedding day approaches choosing the right DJ for your Cabo Destination Wedding is a crucial point. But worry not, among the Cabo Wedding Vendors there are several good options that will drive all your guests into the dance floor.

But first, here are five easy tips that will help you choose the right DJ for your Cabo Wedding:

  1. My job as your Wedding Coordinator is to introduce you to several musicians and DJ’s that fit the criteria you’re looking for: price, experience, willingness to new ideas and suggestions, etc.
  2. Interview the candidates. Once you’ve been presented with options and you’ve selected the ones that you feel most comfortable with, chat with them over the phone or in person so you can appreciate their point of view and music approach. Are you expecting something in particular? Feel free to share what sort of music you like and especially what you do not want, hear his responses to make a decision. 
  3. Ask for previous reviews. When interviewing candidates, feel free to ask for testimonials from past clients at the different Cabo San Lucas weddings they’ve done.
  4. Analyze their proposal. What does their quote include? Lighting? Wireless microphone? A DJ booth? As your Cabo wedding coordinator I will sit with you to review his proposal, evaluate if there is something else needed and see how best to integrate his DJ booth into the event layout.
  5. Create a Spotify playlist and share it with him. Imagine you are a guest traveling to your Cabo Destination Wedding, what tunes would you like to hear? What songs will create a dance off for your family? Which is the song that you and your girlfriends share most memories? Incorporate them into a playlist and see what your DJ has to say, it will be a fun trip down memory lane that will leave you eagerly awaiting to get the party started!

Nevertheless, if you have already set your mind with a foreigner DJ or musician and want him/her traveling to your wedding in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, I can help you! From traveling arrangement, to accommodations and transportation, my wedding coordinating services will help you make it all work together.

As wedding designers in Cabo, our experience and vendors knowledge will help you create the most unforgettable destination wedding experience for your friends and family to enjoy. So let’s get ready and start creating that list of songs to keep everyone on their feet!